Whatever the occasion Carnations of Cardiff can design the most appropriate and unique gift from their fantastic gift collection.

If romance is in the air let Anthony and the team surprise the one you love with a token of your affection.  Not absolutely sure about what to give? Let the team advise you on the flowers that are in season and what would be the most appropriate for the occasion. Here are some of the best selling items from the gift collection.

1.10403722_10153000612318920_8887234313413027651_n              2. 10405467_10153000612613920_3913196902606087935_n

3.10408664_10153000612523920_6935881036500258827_n                4.10568944_10153000612393920_9042872462147984382_n

5.11109254_10153000612653920_6824308773336666850_n                6.11140237_10153000611888920_5156745192582354893_n

7.11203001_10153000611768920_8524317957665265877_n                   8.11391242_10153000611623920_4046564744163106851_n

9.11391437_10153000612448920_2390411541310916488_n          10.11391455_10153000612278920_2330471149385960216_n

11.11391657_10153000611963920_4527442000198610813_n           12. 11425188_10153000611588920_2348246937973735451_n

13. 60662_10153000611858920_284902050891746187_n          14. 11425504_10153000612718920_1118741492092861890_n


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