Sympathy Collection

At Carnations florist in Cardiff, Anthony Young has been creating flowers for funerals for over 30 years and so understands the sensitivity of such occasions and the individual, sympathetic service required for all individuals concerned. Carnations has a wealth of experience in catering for funeral services of all kinds and has developed the ability to create bespoke creations that are unique to your service requirements, along with the ability to ensure that the whole service runs smoothly at a extremely important time for families and friends.

Here we highlight just some of the fantastic funeral flower arrangements in the sympathy collection and the unique tribute pieces that this boutique in Cardiff has created for such occasions in the past.  Take a look at the quality of the designs within the sympathy collection and use them as ideas for your own service. Importantly, as every service is different take the opportunity to consult with Anthony and the team….ensure that every detail is delivered to your specific need and budget !

All flowers are subject to availability and will be substituted with the nearest thing possible.

Untitled-1-31    Untitled-1-30

Untitled-1-29 Untitled-1-28

Untitled-1-27 Untitled-1-26

Untitled-1-25 Untitled-1-24

Untitled-1-23 Untitled-1-22

Untitled-1-21 Untitled-1-20

Untitled-1-19 Untitled-1-18

Untitled-1-17 Untitled-1-16

Untitled-1-15     Untitled-1-14

Untitled-1-13     Untitled-1-12

Untitled-1-11     Untitled-1-10

Untitled-1-9 Untitled-1-8

Untitled-1-7 Untitled-1-6

Untitled-1-5 Untitled-1-4

Untitled-1-3 Untitled-1-2

Untitled-1-1                               wre1007_thumb

wre1001_thumb                                                              tr13wrevb01m_thumb

tr13wresf04m_thumb                                                             tr13wresf03m_thumb

tr13wresf02m_thumb                                                             tr13wresf01m_thumb

tr13wreht01m_thumb                                                              tr13spewm04r_thumb

tr13spewm02r_thumb                                                              tr13spewm01r_thumb

tr13spesf04r_thumb                                                              tr13spesf02r_thumb

tr13spepr08r_thumb                                                             tr13spepr06r_thumb

tr13spepr05r_thumb                                                            tr13spepr04r_thumb

tr13spepr03r_thumb                                                            tr13spepr02r_thumb

tr13spepr01r_thumb                                                            tr13speht05r_thumb

tr13speht04r_thumb                                                            tr13speht03r_thumb

tr13speht02r_thumb                                                             tr13spebr03r_thumb

tr13spebr02r_thumb                                                            tr13spebr01r_thumb

tr13seswm01m                                                            tr13sesht01m

tr13psysf02m_thumb                                                            tr13pilpr01r_thumb

tr13heapr05r_thumb                                                             tr13heapr02r_thumb

tr13cussf02r_thumb                                                           tr13cussf01r_thumb.

tr13crsvb01m_thumb                                                          tr13crsht01m_thumb

tr13casvb01m_thumb                                                          tr13cassf03m_thumb

tr13cassf02m_thumb                                                          tr13cassf01m_thumb

tr13casht01m_thumb                                                          tr13cascl01m_thumb

she1026                                                          psy1001_thumb

pil1001_thumb                                                          hea1018_thumb

hea1001_thumb                                                         fnr1020_thumb

fnr1018_thumb                                                         fnr1013_thumb

fnr1006_thumb                                                        des1001_thumb

cus1001_thumb                                                       WRE1014_THUMB


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