Gift bouquets

Whatever the occasion Carnations of Cardiff can design the most appropriate and unique gift from their fantastic gift collection.

If romance is in the air let Anthony and the team surprise the one you love with a token of your affection.  Not absolutely sure about what to give? Let the team advise you on the flowers that are in season and what would be the most appropriate for the occasion. Here are some of the best selling items from the gift collection.


A bouquet of flowers is always a welcomed gift and their applicability to any occasion always make them a popular choice from Carnations gift collection.

1.AQP-BLUSHR                           2.AQP-HAZER

3.AQP-VIBRANTFCR                          4.BSK1001_THUMB

5.     BSK1008_THUMB                     6.CR11AQPBR01R

7.CR11AQPCL01R_thumb                          8.CR11AQPPR03R

9.CR11AQPSF01R_thumb                         10.CR11AQPSF02R

11.CR11AQPVV02R                       12.CR11BSKPR01R

13.CR11BSKPR02R                       14.CR11BSKPR03R_thumb

15.CR11CONPR03R_thumb                     16. CR11CONVB01R

17. CR11CONVV02R                     18.CR12BSKCL01R

19.CR12BSKSF01R                      20.CR14AQPCL02R

21. CR14AQPPR07R                      22.CR14BSKSF01R

23. CR14BSKVB01R                     24.CR14CONCL01R

25.CR14CONSF04R                      26.DE12BQTPR02R

27.MD11AQPSF02R                      28.SP11SSVSF01R

29. TR13CONSF01M_THUMB                  30. TR13CONSF02M_THUMB

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