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A Carnations Creation

Welcome to Carnations florists in Cardiff and the creations of Anthony Young and his team. Broken down to flowers for weddings, sympathy arrangements and gifts, this is a space that demonstrates the art behind floristry & specifically a florist business in Cardiff. Here we introduce each of the collections in turn.  Full colour picture hyper links direct you further to beautiful creations in flower.

Take a look at some of the creations displayed here from this florists in Cardiff – Carnations The Florists In Cardiff.

The Wedding Collection

Carnations Florist in Cardiff will consult with you to bring beauty and colour to one of the most important days in your life – Your wedding Day… 

Consult with this florist in Cardiff and they will design exactly what it is you are looking for, & enhance the occasion you are creating !

Here is a collection of beautiful flower arrangements to make that perfect day yours. Consult Anthony and his team on colour and volume and then watch a unique arrangement of flowers bring the theme of your day alive !

Wedding Collection

Wedding Collection

The Gift Collection

Gift Collection Carnations Florist in Cardiff

A Basket arrangement

Whatever the occasion, Mother’s day, a New Birth in the family, or maybe its time that you just said Thank You ! …Say it with flowers ! Carnations The Florists in Cardiff will deliver what it is you seek & provide beautiful creations in flower. See the Gift Collection for some fantastic examples of the gift arrangement work that is undertaken at Carnations in Cardiff. If your looking for that personal, unique edge to your gifts this year, contact Anthony and his team.

The Sympathy Collection

Anthony has been creating flower arrangements for funerals for 30 years now and so knows of the sensitivities and needs for such occasions. Carnations in Cardiff are recognised & rightly so as a florist that delivers with not only the personal touch, but utter professionalism and so delivers excellent customer service. In conjunction with wedding arrangement, funerals are truly an area of strength for Carnations The Florists In Cardiff.View here some of the beautiful arrangements created by the team for the sympathy collection.  The personal service given by Carnations florists in Cardiff is second to none & that comes from delivering flowers of quality to funerals throughout Cardiff and South Wales for over thirty years. So a real strength for this established florist in Cardiff.  Contact Anthony and his team at Carnations in Cardiff today – For that personal touch… 

Contact the team: Carnations Florists In Cardiff – T:02920 797120 or via             E:

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3 responses

  1. A decent florist in Cardiif. Brilliant ! Great blog by the way – Fantastic aesthetically ! I will definitely be ordering any flower arrangements from you guys. Thanks again.

  2. Hi does carnations florist do teddys and angels in flowers n how much plz thanku

  3. Delphine Backhouse | Reply

    Many Thanks for the beautiful Floral tribute for our dear brother in law..The finished display was without doubt the best I have ever seen- superior blooms and artistic arrangement., would not consider going elsewhere . Thank you so much.

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